About Us

Our Story
KOUII® is a women-owned and women-run athleisure wear & loungewear USA-based company. Founded in a college dorm room in July of 2019, by 21 year old Taylor Smith with just only $269. KOUII® began its journey in Grand Rapids, MI, and relocated to Naples, FL in January of 2020.
We focus on inspiring others to chase what they love. "Explore Your Potential, Thrive, Become" are the roots that created KOUII®. Explore what excites you, thrive at what you choose to do, and become something you originally - only imagined.
Our apparel represents the idea of becoming something more than an idea. We push you to explore your passions and desires, to make your thoughts tangible, and to create yourself. We hope that you decide to, and when you do, you begin to thrive at whatever you have chosen, eventually becoming that person you have always wanted to be. 
We do not fit "One type of person" we are a brand for all who inspire to be more than just an idea. We are a brand for those who desire to be more in life. We are a brand for the creative, ambitious, courageous, innovative, and fearless.
Grow with us.