Our Brand

Athleisure Wear & Loungewear

KOUII® represents Peace, Tranquility, and Power. Our one line logo "|" represents "Being Centered" with yourself, bringing yourself peace, tranquility, and the power to stand alone. Our brand consist of a "Tulum inspired" vibe. We have oriented this vibe around our brand because it is the very reason KOUII® exists today.

We want you to feel a calm yet powerful presence when you experience KOUII®. A time of chaos during KOUII®'s creation inspired our peace of mind mentality, instilling our soothing and tranquil vibe. Peace of Mind correlates with thinking clearly and thinking clearly results in success. We want you to feel calm, yet powerful. 

We strive to inspire those around us. We live by our saying "Explore Your Potential, Thrive, Become" in hopes to show others the difference it can make. 

Our brand offers a new mindset for you to live the life you desire, to explore and achieve your potential.