KOUII® is represented by 5 different values

Peace of Mind

Why peace of mind? You tend to think clearer, you are more focused and often happier. In order to follow through with a dream, a goal, you must stay focused on your vision and committed to what you are trying to achieve.

 Peace of mind gives you clarity. It creates a tunnel vision to your goal & results will follow. With this value, you are relaxed and able to achieve much more. Often times peace of mind will let your imagination and creativeness take over. Let it, create your own future.


Why ambition? Ambition is a need. It is something that drives you. It is something so powerful that many lack. We believe that with the right passion, everyone has ambition. Let yours show.

Ambition will take you farther than anything ever will. You must keep your hunger and desire strong in order to achieve something. This value is the backbone of our company. Without it, we would not exist. We want everyone to explore their potential - Find their ambitious side. We believe this is the most powerful tool you can have. 


Why risk? Taking chances lead to beautiful destinations. They take you far, they give you opportunity & purpose. Some risks don't work out. But we encourage you to try. With risk, there are so many open doors. You create your own open doors by taking a risk and being brave.

This value sticks out to many. Many are not willing to take a risk. The fear of failure stops many. We believe in chasing fear & want you to do the same. KOUII® prides itself on taking many risks, some for the worse, some for the better. But all, are worth it. 


Why independence? Independence is key. It is something nobody is able to take from you, it makes you untouchable & dependent on no one. This value is also a backbone for KOUII®.

We encourage you to create a life nobody will be able to take from you. Confidence brings independence. Depend on yourself, believe in yourself, trust yourself, and do not let anyone belittle you. Demand respect and take what's yours. 


Why faith? Faith is the single thing keeping you afloat. It is something you can not touch, see, or feel. Keep your faith strong. Do not let doubt creep in. Ignore fear.

Faith is a core value here at KOUII® because it represents hope. With hope, you are more willing to believe something is possible because it is. Be persistent. Go after whatever you feel is worth it, go after whatever you love. Keep your focus on your vision and be mindful that every step you take, big or small, is closer to some type of reward. Never let your faith leave you, it is always there - even when you can not see it. 


We promise to provide complete transparency and authenticity all the way from our staff, products, production, marketing and ultimatly to you. We promise to share our trials and tribulations along the way, as well as our highs and lows. We invite you to grow along side us as we ourselves pursue our goals and dreams, by DOING.

  • We do not believe in increasing shipping prices due to increased gas prices or shipping cost.
  • We do not believe in increasing prices due to recessions, depressions, or inflation. 
  • We do not believe in unethically made materials, fabrics, or products.
  • We do not believe in overworked employees - such as our manufacturing team, logistics team, staffing, and agencies.
  • We do not believe in unethical customer service. 
  • Our customers and staff are our main priority and greatest blessing.