Imported from Indonesia
Designed/Assembled in the USA

KOUII was created to inspire others to “just start” no matter the situation or environment you are in. Our goal behind KOUII is to “inspire, by doing”.  KOUII was once an idea, turned tangible, and now is living proof that it’s possible to turn nothing into something with self-discipline, intentional focus, and vision. Our apparel represents the idea of becoming something more than just an idea by making your own thoughts and ideas tangible. We created our vision and brought it to life and we want our apparel to inspire those around us to do the same.

Who is KOUII®

KOUII is a brand meant to inspire. By doing, we are proving that anything is possible when there is a passion, or ambition to do it, no matter your environment. By doing, is leading by example. KOUII offers never before seen, original Athlounge® wear such as loungewear comprised of fabrics and materials featuring athleisure qualities. Also known as, “luxurious loungewear with athleisure qualities” that are designed to adapt to any style or environment. We pride ourselves on being authentic and original therefore, all KOUII products are created in-house using completely original thoughts and concepts.

The idea "Original ATHLOUNGE® Wear" stems from the branded concept that all KOUII products, product names, creations, words, designs, descriptions, translations, and concepts are all completely created from original thoughts - the original thoughts of our our in house team & founder."KOUII" itself has no translation or meaning. It's simply, an original thought.   

KOUII believes in 'Creating'

Creating ‘something’ that nobody will ever be able to take from you, creating the life you desire, and creating your own freedom. We believe that no matter how hard you work for something, deserve something, or earn something, it’s never really yours until it’s in your hands, or until you create it. At any moment anything can be taken from you, even if you deserve it. Our philosophy underlines the idea that “If ambition is within you, use that gift to your own advantage”. By this we mean chasing your own dreams and giving them every last effort that you have within you. 

We dont believe in building others dreams, we believe in creating our own.