Jaū Le Vysíon Leggings - KOUII
Jaū Le Vysíon Leggings - KOUII
Jaū Le Vysíon Leggings - KOUII
Jaū Le Vysíon Leggings - KOUII
Jaū Le Vysíon Leggings - KOUII

Jaū Le Vysíon Leggings

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Our best quality yet - It's true.
A true "second skin" material. Let it mold your body and conform to you. Buttery tussah design with luxury loungewear feels and athleisure qualities. You won't notice you have them on.
  • 80% Nylon 20% Spandex
  • Thick Form-fitting waistband
  • True Buttery Soft Material
  • Attached pocket on the inside waistband
  • Form-fitting to your body
  • Supportive & Stable in all areas
  • Squat Proof
  • Minimal Seams
  • Fit: Ankle Length
  • Fits to normal size
(XXS=2) (XS=4) (S=6) (M=8) (L=10) (XL=12)
Best Use: YOGA

Size model is wearing: Small
Model height: 5' 3"
Model weight: 123 lbs


Designed by us, Created for you. 


Wash inside out with like fabrics and colors in a cold, gentle cycle and lay flat to dry or hang to dry. 

VYSÍON™ Collection:

  • Wash with other like fabrics and colors
  • Avoid using fabric softer, products containing bleach, or products containing color/stain remover
  • Wash separate from KOUII® Cotton, heavy cotton, zippers, towels, velcro, any harsh items or fabrics.
  • Avoid washing with items containing metal drawstrings
  • Do not use dark detergents for lighter products 
  • Avoid washing with lint collecting items
  • Avoid using iron
  • When damp or wet - keep away from lint collecting surfaces or lint collecting items. Wet VYSÍON™ material will collect lint. 
  • Full dry before use. Wet or damp worn items will stretch VYSÍON™ material out of its original form. 
  • Best to wash with other VYSÍON™ Collection Items and KOUII® Rapíd Bras

See 'Care For Material' at the bottom of the website for more specific instructions on how to care for your material.  


Original Athlounge™ Wear

Luxurious Loungewear with Athleisure Qualities. 

Internationally Imported - USA Designed/Assembled 

Each one of our items is individually chosen and personally designed by KOUII® with a focus on preciseness. Combining two concepts that seamlessly mesh as one, representing qualities of tranquility and power.

Each one of our styles is unique to KOUII® and created for you. Everyday Athleisure & Everyday Lounge. ATHLOUNGE™ Represents a style, a unique and individual style designed by us, created for you.

KOUII® products create versatility. Each and every one of our Athlounge™ products are specifically designed to adapt to any style or environment.

 All KOUII® Athleisure - Lounge LLC apparel, accessories, fabrics, and materials are approved KOUII® ATHLOUNGE™ products.


Your new obsession

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