Érable Klayé Bra - KOUII
Érable Klayé Bra - KOUII
Érable Klayé Bra - KOUII
Érable Klayé Bra - KOUII
Érable Klayé Bra - KOUII
Érable Klayé Bra - KOUII
Érable Klayé Bra - KOUII
Érable Klayé Bra - KOUII

MOLDKORE™ Athlounge® Seamless KLAYÉ™ Scoop Bra - Burnt Orange

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MOLDKORE™ Technology
KOUII is known for its ribbed and seamless Klaye Collection MOLDKORE™ molding sets, that enhance your natural shape and hide imperfections. MOLDKORE™ consists of our KLAYE Collection items only. A specific blend of Nylon & Spandex that does not lose its firmness or original shape when wet or dry. MOLDKORE™ is known for its body sculpting “molding” features. MOLDKORE™ is designed to shape and enhance the natural curves of the body.
    • BLENDS: Nylon, Spandex
    • Ribbed & Seamless
    • Thick Stretch-Fit Material
    • Wide Straps
    • Thick Waistband
    • Removable Pads
    • Scoop Neck
    • Fits normal to size

    Fit guide: (S=2/4) (M=6/8) (L=10/12) / Stretch Fit Size model is wearing: Small Model height: 5' 1" Model weight: 150 lbs Bra Size: C FIT GUIDE; Since imported from Indonesia, all KOUII® Athlounge® products, are tailored by our team to fit current USA sizing.


    KLAYÉ Key Features;

    • Compression
    • Body Sculpting "Molding" Feature
    • Non-Slip / Thick doubled lined woven polyester & nylon
    • Stretch Fit - up to 2 sizes 
    • Snag & tear resistant
    • 50x and up durability washing feature (Durable and lasting woven-ribbed fabrics designed to withstand washer and dryer temperatures and conditions and still appear "Brand New")
    • Form originality - Never loses its original firmness and form.

    Imported from Indonesia

    USA Designed/Assembled


    Athlounge® consists of blended athleisure and lounge materials combined into a single item creating qualities sustainable for everyday environments. Our Athlounge® wear is a very specific combination of fabrics and materials that come together as one. 

    The idea "Original ATHLOUNGE® Wear" stems from the branded concept that all KOUII products, product names, creations, words, designs, descriptions, translations, and concepts are all completely created from original thoughts - the original thoughts of our in house team & founder. "KOUII" itself has no translation or meaning. It's simply, an original thought. 

    Each one of our items is individually chosen and personally designed by KOUII® with a focus on preciseness. Combining two concepts that seamlessly mesh as one, representing qualities of tranquility and power.